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Live Concert & Music

I know that every live concert is different that is why I have a unique approach to every photography service I provide. I love live concerts that is why I have a great passion to capturing quality live concert photos. Before shooting a live performance, I conduct some research to get an orientation of the stage set up and the types of light I need to use.

My primary focus is providing quality event images both for the music industry and record labels, as well as capturing the unique importance of the talent in photos. Aside from the special skills and trainings I have obtained in my long years of doing photography and offering services to people from various industries, am also a passionate music lover.

With a comprehensive event photography experience, I have the talent and skills to handle any challenging LIVE shooting situations. Any potential client can trust that I have the technical ability and the professional personality to handle a gig without oversight and concern. A lot of people hire me because I already know what you need done even if you don't.

I have a keen eye for the perfect images to capture. I am equipped with state-of-the-art tools and cameras to guarantee high quality images.  In addition, I have the familiarity in working behind the scenes and professionalism in restricted environments.


Florida Wedding and Event Photography @2020 by Matt Jylha