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General Photography

Photos play a big part in linking memories. They often bring happiness, especially when you are reminded of those special days, as well as the special events in your life.

No matter what event in your life you want to capture, I can deliver the best quality service that will exceed your expectations. My approach to photography is different from others. This is due to the experiences I have had in working with many individuals, couples, families and companies throughout various industries.

Good quality photos are vital. For me, the ideas that occur behind the lens are actually inspired by the individual lives lived in front. The unique journeys and stories make each person different. I work hard to capture them in ways that reflects who and what the subjects really are. I deliver high quality photography services just for any occasion.

Documenting a moment in time or life is my passion. Every special moment in your life must be captured and preserved and that is where my reputable photography services come in.  I look at subjects and situations in a unique perspective that is why every image is unique and customized according to the personal needs of my clients.

Equipped with industry experience and state-of-the-art tools, I can take simple images and transform them into stunning photos.


Aerial Video & Photography

Footage from a completely different point of view

Unmanned aerial photography takes time. And lots and lots of practice. I've flown remote aerial vehicles and platforms since 1998. My first video was a grainy wireless black and white clip doing a barrel roll over Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Since then we've gone to lighter, more precise vehicles and stunning high resolution cameras. The things we can achieve now from a much different point of view are amazing.


Photography of stars and other celestial objects

This is possibly the technically hardest type of photography I enjoy. Long-exposures, complicated processes and lots of planning. Rarely does it work together perfectly, but when it does it can be exciting and awe-inspiring. I utilize several kinds of specialized gear and accessories. And also image through a CPC800 1200mm SCT GPS tracked platform using both digital backed and video stacked processes.

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