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About me

I look to capture and immortalize every special moment of your life with high quality photography services delivered by a qualified expert in the industry.

Growing up in a television and media family, I have always been fascinated by capturing people and the moments that surround their lives. Never far from a camera, I went from capturing youthful snapshots of friends to a more serious study of carefully crafting images that meant something and the moments that make them important.

My professional career started in the late 90's as a United States Marine and one of the few photographers overseas. Photographing families on bases, portraits, and anything the community needed. After moving back to the US and relocating to Florida, my creative interests focused on capturing people and events. Weddings quickly became my passion and after 15 years and hundreds of weddings, I love them just as much as ever.

Just being a good photographer isn't enough. Having the passion and excitement for the day and fully understanding how weddings/vendors/personalities work behind the scenes are all critical skills in knowing how to cover an event. I care about your event and want to give you moments you'll remember for a lifetime.


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