• The First Walk Together
  • Nick Cannon On Stage Interview
  • Men of Scotland
  • Sean Paul & Ava Simons Share Moment Backstage
  • Fun Couple Having Laughs
  • Saying the Words
  • Dancefloor Kiss
  • Jason Derulo On StageJason Derulo On Stage
  • Power Expo Display
  • Bebe Rexha Performing On Stage
  • That Perfect Moment
  • Stunning Brides Red Rose Bouquet
  • Chairman of the Wedding

Professional Wedding & Event Photography Solutions

Thank you for visiting my services and learning a little bit more about me and how I view my work and art. Growing up in a media family I have always been fascinated by documenting life and the art all around us. Never far from a camera, I went from capturing mindless youthful activities to a more serious study of carefully crafting images that meant something. Images and storytelling mean everything. I have been covering weddings in the Orlando area since 2003, and have experience photographing nearly every location in Central Florida. I aim to make your photography vendor services easy to plan for and provide you with a wonderful collection of memories from a day that I promise will seem to go by too fast.

Everything I do focuses around people, wither it be weddings, commercial work, or artists on stage – it all must tell a story or reflect a moment in someones life. I consider my style to be more high-key contemporary with a good selection of photojournalistic moments. I believe in letting you enjoy your day, capturing the moments your loved, and maybe ones you didn’t know about.

Currently I have a new website coming up at the end of next week and have replaced this page temporarily. Please contact me at the link below and I look forward to discussing your event with you.

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